Ed Rae Memorial Fun Fly June 4th, 2023

The event was held on Sunday, June 4th, due to quite breezy conditions on Saturday. We wish to thank the twenty-two pilots who registered plus guests and spectators who attended. In total, we had 40 people.

This year’s event catered to a special request from Mrs. Ann Brown, widowed wife of Jim Brown, a former Stetson member who passed away earlier this year. She spread some of Jim’s ashes on the runway, then gave an emotional eulogy, which described Jim’s passion for RC Modeling. All who were present could relate to Jim’s feelings about the hobby and the relationships he enjoyed with this great community. After a moment of silence to reflect on the dearly departed, the club offered Ann a bouquet of flowers as a memento for this day.

The day proceeded with many flights by pilots from our club and all over the region. Our great cooking team prepared lunch, which was followed by draws of $25 gift certificates from Orleans Hobbies, Great Hobbies Ottawa, an ARF Skyward 25 (donated by David Janashvili). There was also a people’s choice award prize presented to Mark Winstanley for his Snowbird model.

Events like this would not be possible without volunteers. For many years Daniel Marcotte and the Stetson Executive planned and organized this Fun Fly with a very high level of success. This year we were fortunate to have him and other returning organizers plus others who offered to become involved. The team consisted of: Pierre Coulombe, Jim Denyer, Debbie Denyer, Marc Cote, Jon Harper, Dan Marcotte, Hal McDonald, Dave Percy, Pat Hennessey, Alain Richer, and Michael Lalonde. We cannot over emphasize the importance of volunteering.

Take ownership of your club’s activities and you will discover an awesome community.

Marc Cote 2023 Ed Rae Event Co-director June 8/23