2024-01-01 First Fly

Early on New Year’s Day, 20 members gathered at our snowless airfield for our annual first flight of the year.

The temperature was about -6c with light winds. At 9:00 o’clock, 8 electric planes lined up for take-off, and Rick Ramalho “officially” got the honours of being the first one in the air in 2024, earning bragging rights and a small prize, a pair of MLG skis.

A short time later, we had 2 participants for the Glow/IC category. Gary Robertson initially had a quick start-up and was confidently heading for the flight line, while Greg Oliver patiently ran his engine on the bench, but Gary’s engine stopped while in transit, which brought him back to his own bench. Both pilots finally lined up ready to go and Greg’s plane was off the ground seconds before his opponent. Which earned Greg bragging rights for 2024 and a small prize, a tail-wheel ski,

There was lots of fun and cheering.

We enjoyed some Coffee and Tim Bits, and Alain Richer’s home made cookies. It was a very good turn out everyone had a great time flying and socializing.

A very good 2024 to all!

Marc Côté, Events Director